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Teva Pharmaceuticals was established in 1901 in Jerusalem, but now its main headquarters in Canada. It’s a rather big company and a major league player in the generics market. According to the company’s press statement, over 200 million people take Teva products every day across the globe.

Teva Products

As an athlete, you probably don’t care about most of their substances. In the whole spectrum of Tea products, only a few are suitable for bodybuilding needs.

Teva Nolvadex

Nolvadex (or just «Nolva») is the market name of Tamoxifen citrate - the most popular PCT compound. It will make coming off even the most hardcore cycle smooth and comfortable, with mild to none side effects.

Teva Furosemide

It’s a classic before-stage diuretic - it «dries» your body and reduces water retention. You can easily buy authentic Teva Furosemide in almost every pharmacy. Don’t overdose the thing! Electrolytic balance is not a joke, and Furosemide (aka Lasix) messes it up.

Teva Finasteride

This one is a bit tricky. Finasteride (aka Proscar) does not affect your performance. Instead, it starts a chain reaction that leads to elevated overall testosterone levels, and therefore - to more mass gains and strength boost.