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Ostarine - MK-2866

This SARM significantly improves muscle mass and physical performance, increases bone strength, and collagen metabolism. Ostarine not only maintains muscle mass, but also enlarges it. 20-30mg/day 6-8 weeks. For better result stack with other SARMs like Andarine, MK677, Cardarine, etc.

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Ostarine is a clinically tested aryl-propionamide active ingredient in the Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) class, designed to accelerate the growth of muscles and increase athletes' strength.

Ostarine is suitable for both males and females. You can buy the MK-2866 in Canada, where it is most popular, or order Ostarine online.

Effects of Ostarine:

  • increases the volume of lean muscle mass

  • increases endurance

  • accelerates recovery after training and physical activity

  • improves strength performance

  • activates the burning of fatty deposits

  • relieves insomnia, improves sleep quality

  • improves overall well-being

How to take

The daily dose of Ostarine for athletes less than 80 kg is 25 mg per day, for others - 50 mg per day. It is better to take the drug in the morning, after breakfast. The cycle should be about eight weeks. During this time, the athlete needs to take at least 3 g of protein per kilogram of body weight and train intensively with heavyweights. After completing the cycle, it is advisable to conduct a full-fledged post-cycle therapy.

  1. To lose weight and lose 3-5 kg while maintaining your muscles – use 30mg MK-2866 during 4-12 weeks. Besides, you can combine this cycle with another one drug for greater efficiency.

  2. To build muscle mass – use Ostarine in dosage 30mg during 1-8 weeks and combine with other SARMs (like LGD-4033 and S23).

Side Effects

Common side effects are headaches and back pain. Also, increased lethargy can be associated with an increase in the body's anabolic processes, and, therefore, with an increased need for sleep. Ostarine is one of the mildest SARMs and it is suitable for beginners.