Anavar also named as Lonavar, oxandrin and oxandrolone is a schedule III controlled substance. It means that possession of such substance without proper prescription is a criminal felony. However this does not stop people from possessing it for legal purposes. Other than weight loss Anavar is also used by the bodybuilders to boost testosterone which is a male hormone. Anavar using before after is an idea that has mesmerized the weight loss enthusiasts. However the substance should be taken in controlled quantities so that they do not affect the kidneys directly. The overall process that leads from the first does to ultimate weight loss is known as Anavar Cycle. Below mentioned are some of the pros of Anavar cycle which people from various parts of the world have reported:

Speeding up fat loss process

It can be regarded as the primary usage of Anavar. Though there are several processes that can be followed to make fat loss a reality but the fact of the matter is that none of the processes is as fast as Anavar is. It affects LDL cholesterol that has negative effects on body. Though mass is gained but it is due to the muscle cells building which also gets the body into shape.

No estrogen conversion

This is simple superb. There is no estrogen conversion related side effect that is associated to this drug. It means that it can be used by the guys without any issue of water retention in the gained mass. It also means that fat is cut and increased strength without worrying about body shape in future.

Long lasting effects

There are hundreds of steroid forums online that talk about the effect of Anavar and the time it lasts. Almost every user from around the world has reported that this drug has everlasting effects that are bound to stay due to chemical composition of it. The results of Anavar stay there till a good post cycle therapy is run. As compared to other steroids Anavar simply helps the gains to stay.

Enhanced diet

Every weight loss enthusiast ensures that calories are controlled and clean eating is made a part of habits so that weight is lost quickly. Anavar in this regard holds a pivotal position. It enhances and boosts advantages within the body that are gained from a regular and clear diet plan. The result is weight control and perfect looking body without much effort.

Healthy bones

Drinking milk and taking calcium filled diet are some of the long term processes that you can follow to make your bones strong. But let me tell you that the original use of Anavar is to cure osteoporosis. It means that Anavar gets you strong bones and also ensures as long as it is in your system.

Short life

Anavar has a half-life of 8 hours. Among the steroid family this is the shortest cycle for any medicine that is use for weight reduction. Depending upon the cycle you choose, Anavar dose might consist of 2 – 3 times per day.