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Nurotropin has raised many questions in the bodybuilding community because the company looks shady at first glance. Their website is hard to find, and their HGH is significantly cheaper than analogs.

However, the company is certified by Health Canada. Also, we have multiple positive anecdotal reports on «the green pack» HGH.

Nurotropin Products

The company is specialized solely in human growth hormone - aka Somatropin. Authentic Nurotropin HGH that you can buy in Canada is a 191 amino acid fracture of the original HGH, with the most critical parts only.

How HGH Works

To put it simply, Growth Hormone is a fountain of youth in powder form. Reconstitute it, inject into the thin, fat layer between your skin and fat tissue, and this is what you get:

  • Internal organs health boost;

  • Muscle and strength gains;

  • Fat loss;

  • Skin health improvement.

HGH may come pricey if you buy it in a pure form, but Nurotropin is a cheaper (of course, only compared with the real HGH - some still may find it expensive as hell) option that can give you practically the same benefits.