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Cobalt is an excellent example of a modern laboratory. The company is relatively new, established just in the year 2000. It's aimed mostly at generics production, instead of trying to create something revolutionary. And even generics at Cobalt are made with world-class manufacturing equipment, which results in high quality.

You need to know that soon, there will be no Cobalt products on the shelves - the company has become a part of Allergan PLC in 2015. All the substances can undergo a significant rebranding soon.

Cobalt Products For Bodybuilding

Cobalt does not produce Anabolic Steroids or any other kind of performance enhancement drugs, but you can definitely buy authentic Cobalt supportive substances and Canada.

Aromatase Inhibitors

The laboratory produces just two of them - Femara under the name JAMP-Letrozole and JAMP-Aromasin (aka Aromasin). Both are necessary for combating gynecomastia mid-cycle.

Cobalt Pramipexole

This option is not technically an aromatase inhibitor, but it will save you from the moobs as well - Cobalt Pramipexole is a direct pharma-grade analog of Cabergoline.

Zopiclone by Cobalt

Another tool, Zopiclone, is most popular among athletes that need to polish general well-being and an increase in stamina while combating the side effects.