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B12 is an injectable form of Vitamin B12, that is often used as a solvent for HGH injections. The main function is to accelerate fat loss. 25-50 mcg/day 3-5 weeks

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Cyanocobalamin is the main form of vitamin B12 in which it enters the body; it is one of the essential vitamins for humans. Vitamin B12 has a metabolic, hematopoietic effect, has high biological activity. Normal blood formation must have a beneficial impact on the function of the liver and the nervous system.

Vitamin B12 is widely used now to achieve athletic goals. This is because the human body requires the substance for better recovery and maintenance of high performance.

B-12 has a large number of physiological functions, which are useful for bodybuilding:

  • Ensuring the normal functioning of the central nervous system

  • Carbohydrate metabolism

  • Muscle stimulation

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  • The anabolic effect of vitamin B12 is insignificant to muscle tissue but enormous with bone marrow. Under the influence of vitamin B12, hematopoiesis significantly improves, the content of erythrocytes increases.

  • This vitamin is essential for the normal synthesis and breakdown of amino acids. All purines, nucleic acids, and pyrimidines require a certain amount of b-12. It is this vitamin that is credited with protein synthesis and fatty acid oxidation.

  • Intake of vitamin B12 by bodybuilders contributes to:

  • improving the quality and stable flow of protein synthesis

  • the formation of erythrocytes, since the substance is involved in hematopoiesis

  • the course of the synthesis of creatine and myelin is required to construct an electrically insulating sheath of nerve fibers

  • Vitamin B 12 helps overcome insomnia and helps to adapt to changes in sleep and wakefulness, which is explained by the participation of Cyanocobalamin in the synthesis of melatonin. Healthy sleep is vital for an athlete; then, our body is fully restored after tiring workouts.


Cyanocobalamin is injected subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously, or taken as a pill. The intake of vitamin B12 in bodybuilding is different from the medically indicated input. If a bodybuilder has active training, he needs to take 10-24 mcg of the substance per day. There should be only one daily intake. It is not recommended to split the daily rate.

You need to consult the doctor before taking vitamin Cyanocobalamin, to determine the required dosage. It is not recommended to use the drug independently, since it is rather challenging to decide on an individual treatment regimen.

It is forbidden to use B12 simultaneously with drugs that increase blood clotting and vitamins B1 and B6. If you are allergic to B1, then B12 can make it worse. Vitamin B12 has very low toxicity, even in very high doses, it does not cause complications in healthy people.

Side Effects

If you follow the instructions for usage and the doctor's recommendations, the drug has no side effects. In exceptional cases, unpleasant symptoms can be:

  • nervous overexcitement

  • tachycardia

  • headache

  • increased blood pressure

  • dizziness

B-12 is practically harmless to humans, even at mega dosages. It does not cause any complications or pathologies in excess; its deficiency in the body is much worse.