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Most men consider HMG therapy as an alternative to HCG treatment. It is commonly used to boost natural testosterone levels in the body. 10-15iu/day 8-12 weeks

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Menotropin is a hormonal drug, the active ingredient of which is represented by human gonadotropin, which contains follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones in equal proportions. The principle of action of the pharmaceutical agent is to activate the processes of synthesizing sex hormones, to stimulate the reactions of sperm formation in men, and to activate the maturation of oocytes in women.

The effect of the drug is to improve the processes of sperm formation, the reactions of synthesizing the male sex hormone are accelerated, and other endocrine reactions are normalized. It is very easy to buy Human Menopausal Gonadotropin, you can buy it at a pharmacy or order it online on the website.


The drug is injected subcutaneously or intramuscularly. The exact definition of the injection method is determined at the doctor's appointment.

Treatment usually begins with 75 to 150 IU of the drug. In the absence of the expected effect, the dosage of the drug should be gradually increased. The criterion for the effectiveness of therapy is the normal level of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Before combining the drug with others, consult your doctor.

Side Effects

The use of the hormonal drug Menotropin can cause the development of the following side effects:

  • bloating

  • vomiting

  • abdominal pain

  • fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity

  • joint pain

  • fever

  • pain and swelling in the area of drug administration

  • allergic reactions

During the period of treatment, be sure to monitor the condition of the ovaries. At the first sign of hyperstimulation syndrome, the drug must be discontinued.