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Sandoz is a world-famous pharmaceutical company, and possibly one of the most widespread ones - you can buy authentic Sandoz drugs in 140 countries. The company was founded in 1886, and its history has some dark spots.

Back in the 1960s, Sandoz was a significant producer of the so-called LSD-25. Yes, that gives you visual hallucinations and the “I love the whole world because I am the world” feeling. In mild doses, it was seen as a depression treatment. The production was stopped in 1966, for obvious reasons.

Nowadays, Sandoz's main specialization is generics. However, they make two substances that can be useful for bodybuilders as well.

Sandoz Vitamin B12

B12 is a tremendous overall supportive compound that promotes protein synthesis. It can give you multiple positive effects, including:

  • Increased stamina;

  • Better endurance;

  • Faster muscle gains (not dramatically faster, but it's completely natural and side effects free);

  • Liver and other internal organs support.

Sandoz Azithromycin

It's a broad-spectrum antibiotic that DOES NOT affect protein synthesis. You can take it on cycle to combat any bacterial disease and keep your gains. The substance affects only the bacteria, and it does not interact with your body in any other negative way.