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When we talk about synthetic Human Growth Hormone, companies that produce it are usually divided into two parts:

  • The ones you can’t afford without selling a kidney;

  • The ones you can afford, but don’t trust

Merck Serono is right in the middle. It’s both trustworthy AND relatively affordable. It’s one of the top American companies that produce Human Growth Hormone domestically in the US. It’s the ONLY company that managed to get the full FDA approval for their Serostim. It may have raised the stakes a bit, but you still can buy authentic Serostim in Canada for a reasonable price.

Merck Serono Serostim

Serostim is a brand name for the company’s HGH. It’s a synthetic growth hormone - the same substance that your body produces naturally. HGH therapy is extremely popular among both athletes and Hollywood A-listers.

Serostim Benefits

Here’s just an incomplete list of effects that make Merck Serono Serostim worth its 1,5 thousand Dollars price:

  • Fresh skin tone, fat loss;

  • Decreased wrinkles;

  • Muscle growth, strength boost;

  • Internal organ health improvement.

Even though GH is relatively safe (compared with Anabolic Steroids), you still have to be careful and stay in the healthy frames.