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3CPM - 3-Chlorophenmetrazine 25mg/30 tablets | Innovagen

3CPM - 3-Chlorophenmetrazine 25mg/30 tablets | Innovagen


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Dosage and packing: 25mg/30tabs

3-CPM (3-chlorophenmetrazine hydrochloride) is a research chemical of the stimulant family. This chemical is a chloro derivative of one of our more popular chemicals, 3-FPM.

- thought acceleration,

- enhanced focus/motivation.

3-CPM, also known as 3-chlorophenmetrazine, is the chloro derivative of 3-FPM. It is a stimulant compound with very similar properties to 3-FPM. However, the receptor affinity data we have indicates that it is a little more serotonergic than 3-FPM.

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