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Fluclotizolam - 500mcg per tablet, 50 tablets | Innovagen

Fluclotizolam - 500mcg per tablet, 50 tablets | Innovagen


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Dosage and packing: 500mcg/50tabs

Fluclotizolam is a thienotriazolodiazepine derivative research chemical in the same group as etizolam and flualprazolam.

  • Effects include hypnotic, sedative, and anticonvulsant. Use for situational anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Usage: Put the tablet 500mcg under your tongue. Immediately felt a chilling, numbing sensation where the tablet is. Very functional benzos for all-day anxiety relief.
  • Don't mix with alcohol or other sedatives! As a sleeping aid use 30-40 minutes before bed time.

Fluclotizolam - 500mcg per tablet, 50 tablets - Innovagen

Fluclotizolam is a sedative agent that is a derivative of thienotriazolodiazepine. Fluclotizolam was created in 1979, and it is used as a treatment for insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, acute seizures, and for sedation of hospitalized patients. Fluclotizolam is a very fast-acting compound. It kicks in and starts providing its effects 10-30 minutes after administration. The sedative and relaxing effects last for 6-14 hours. Fluclotizolam is three times more potent than etizolam.

Fluclotizolam Mechanism of Action

Fluclotizolam binds to GABA receptors and slows down nerve impulses, resulting in muscle relaxation, calming, and sedation.

Fluclotizolam Main Benefits

  • Muscle relaxation
  • Fast remedy for situational anxiety and panic attacks
  • Improves coping with psychological problems
  • Provides the feeling of calmness and relaxation
  • Effective treatment for sleep disorders
  • Poten anticonvulsant agent
  • Hypnotic effects
  • Lowers blood pressure

Fluclotizolam Administration

To increase Fluclotizolam bioavailability, we strongly recommend sublingual administration only.

Recommended dosage 250-500 mcg

Fluclotizolam Possible Side effects

Possible side effects depend from person to person. Most Fluclotizolam regular users did not notice or report any side effects, and less than 5% of users reported side effects such as dizziness, minor headaches, dry mouth, and drowsiness.

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