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PT-141 (Libido/Sex drive) 10mg - Apoxar

PT-141 (Libido/Sex drive) 10mg - Apoxar

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Brand: Apoxar

Substance: HGH & Peptides

  • Increases sexual desire
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Use 4-6 hours before sex activity 
  • Usage: 0.5-1.5 mg/day

Apoxar PT-141 Generic Description

The PT-141 peptide (also known as Bremelanotide) is a drug developed by the Palatin Technologies pharmaceutical company. It functions as an analogous substance to Melanotan 2, but is mainly used to improve libido and penile erection. Bremelatonide acts as a metabolite of Melanotan 2 with the missing C-Terminal amidation. The drug has undergone clinical testing as a medication to eliminate erectile dysfunction and problems with sexual drive. The peptide is also characterized by increased tanning of the skin due to increased production of melanin in melanocyte cells.

The peptide of the PT-141 lab code is quite naturally considered the most effective drug for treating erectile dysfunction in men, but unlike Viagra and other drugs used to treat disturbed sexual function that affect blood pressure, it has a direct effect on the hypothalamus. The peptide not only affects the vessels of the genitals, but also increases sexual drive.

Initially, the peptide was used intranasally via a spray that injected the substance into the nose. In this case, an increase in erectile function was achieved in all experimental subjects, but a rather unpleasant adverse reaction was observed in the form of an increase in the level of blood pressure in some of the subjects. This caused the cessation of further testing. Then, the peptide began to be used via a more effective method of administration – subcutaneous or intramuscular injection, which eliminates any manifestation of side effects during a cycle. Second stage research was carried out in 2009-2012.

Apoxar PT-141 Benefits

The peptide can be used by men and women both. Women that use Apoxar PT-141 note an increase in arousal and indicate an acute desire to have sex. Most manifest the effects of usage 2 hours after the injection, the peak activity is observed after 4 hours. Men note that taking the peptide allows them to feel more energetic and young, increases arousal and the level of sexual interest.

The drug is of a synthetic origin; it affects the central nervous functions that control the manifestation of sexual desire. The action of the peptide is based on it causing an erection and its further strengthening. The drug was created on the basis of Melanotan 2, which is used as a drug to enhance tanning of the skin. In the initial studies, Metanotan 2 caused a darkening of skin, but during testing it produced an adverse reaction in the form of pronounced sexual arousal and spontaneous erection in 9 out of 10 male test subjects.

As a result of studying the PT-141 peptide, it was determined that the drug is suitable for eliminating problems with sexual function or treating erectile dysfunction in men and also for women who suffer from sexual disorders and a lack of arousal. Using PT-141 allows for achieving a number of positive effects:

  • increased sex drive;
  • stimulated and strengthened penile erection;
  • normalized sexual vigor, increased libido;
  • strengthened skin tan.

The PT-141 peptide is part of the group of synthetic drugs that affect the nerve endings responsible for the level of sexual activity; compare this with phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors, the effect of which is carried out only on vascular receptors. This indicates that the drug not only increases erection, but also has a stimulating effect on libido.

Apoxar PT-141 Possible Side Effects

Don’t exceed the recommended dosage of the peptide, as this will not result in a more effective increase in sexual vigor and desire. Studies using injections of the drug found no adverse reactions.

Apoxar PT-141 Administration and Dosage

The effect of the drug develops over 2 hours after administration, the peak effect is observed at the 3rd-4th hour. The total duration of action is 8-10 hours. The peptide is available for purchase in vials containing lyophilized powder. It’s recommended to store Bremelanotide in the dry state at 0-8 degrees Celsius. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years. The diluted powder must be stored in a refrigerator, but in this case the shelf life is reduced to 1-3 months.

It’s recommended to dissolve the peptide using saline, in which case the resulting preparation can be kept in the freezer for about one month. Given its features of usage, it’s best to absorb the PT-141 peptide into a syringe immediately after dilution at a single dose, and then freeze. Before use, unfreeze only one syringe and do not subject it to repeated freezing. To prevent discomfort during administration, it is recommended to keep the vial in the room for some time after removing it from the refrigerator. When the drug reaches room temperature, water is added into the vial along the side for dilution (bactericidal water or saline). Mix the powder with water by rotating the vial without shaking it.

Often, injections of the peptide are carried out using insulin syringes. The injections are done subcutaneously (in much rarer cases, intramuscularly, using a five-cube syringe with a 40 mm needle). It’s not recommended to use the intranasal spray due to the likelihood of adverse reactions. The optimal single dose of the drug is at 0.5-1.5 mg of the active agent (a single vial of the peptide often contains 10 mg of powder, which is enough for 7-20 injections). The duration of the cycle depends on the goals of users.

Apoxar PT-141 can be safely considered to be a valid, certified aphrodisiac. It is often used in combination with Levitra, Cialis, Viagra and other drugs used to treat disturbed sexual function. Such combinations work great even among the elderly users, but the peptide also shows high effectiveness during a solo cycle.


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    This product is by far one of the best for its purpose. I tried the oral pills, but after using this, its like night and day


    Amazing product